Plant Magic

Plant Magic Soil Supreme or CoCo Coir
** Please note 25L bags and 10L bags will be split down into unbranded bags ** Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme   The special blend ensures that your plants will always benefit from an excellent root growing environment. This leads to quicker root development, allowing for a more rapid uptake of vital nutrients and elements. The results are impressive with bigger, better tasting fruits, increased yields and flowers that always have more colour and a stronger aroma.       Are you looking for a product that will have a positive...
Plant Magic Soil Grow Bloom Hard Water Soft Water Nutrients Hydroponics
The Plant Magic soil range has been specially developed to promote fast growing, healthy, strong, high yielding fruit crops. This special blend contains humates, trace elements, Magnesium and Calcium all mixed at the correct proportions to ensure rapid, healthy growth. Both Magnesium and Calcium are vital in the uptake of important nutrients and trace elements (preventing “lock-out”) as well as creating a healthy plant right through to harvest. Both hard water and soft water have been developed in this range to ensure that the mico fauna (the beneficial micro herd...
Plant Magic Bio Silicon Soil Stem Yield Strengthener Nutrients Hydroponics
A unique blend of humic and silicate specially formulated for soil applications. Bio-Silicon strengthens cell walls resulting in visibly thicker stems and reduced risk of snapping. It also boosts plant metabolism, increasing photosynthesis and sugar production leading to bigger, sweeter yields. Silicon plays a vital role in the development of plants.  It is a proven fact that cultivation is greatly improved as well as stimulating and increasing the plants metabolism, which helps build a barrier against fungal penetration as well as hardening off leaf tissue tp prevent smaller pests attacking...
Plant Magic Old Timer Organic Grow Bloom Organic Soil Nutrient Hydroponics
Oldtimer GrowAn organic feed for unbeatable taste and flavour. This exceptional base nutrient feeds the plants but also the beneficial fungi and micro-organisms in the growing medium so that the soil thrives with life throughout the entire grow. The nutrient stimulates growth but also overall plant health, flavour and aroma.The results speak for themselves.   Benefits include: • Natural flavours • Increased yields • Improved plant health • Increased soil micro-population • Increase in aromas   1L (1.2kg)   UK – Organic Compound Fluid Fertiliser 5.0-3.0-3.0   Total Nitrogen 5.0%...
Plant Magic Plus Bio-Wetter Wetting Agent Nutrient Hydroponics
Bio-wetter is an organic wetting agent offering a 100% concentrate of Yukka.When used as a foliar it will actively stimulate all micro life on the plants surfaces helping with the absorption of more trace elements, increasing overall plant health.Not only can this be used as a wetting agent but it has the added benefit of doubling-up as a soil drench; an excellent tool for softening hard compacted soil and stimulating biological activity.Bio-wetter is also an excellent anti-stress agent helping your plants to recover from things such as transplanting, extreme temperatures,...
Plant Magic Veg Boost Bio Stimulant Nutrient Hydroponics
A powerful bio stimulant for the vegetative stage that stimulates the activity of beneficial micro organisms resulting in increased nutrient availability.When used as a soil drench, it will change the structure of the medium to a crumb like texture increasing aeration and preventing stagnation.
Plant Magic Bloom Boost PK Yield Size Quality Booster Nutrient Hydroponics
Easily absorbed PK that increases flowering and fruiting without risk of shock. Also contains magnesium and sulphur to improve potassium uptake, prevent nutrient lock-out and increase production of oils and amino acids for a better quality crop. • Unique 8-10 PK ratio• Vital phosphorous for plant energy management• High potassium for more colourful fruit and increased BRIX levelEC FERTILISER: PK fertiliser solution 0-8-10 Water-soluble phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5) 8.0% Water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) 10.0% N 0.05%P 5.3% K 3.6%
Plant Magic Magne-Cal+ Magnesium Calcium Nutrient HYdroponics
Prevents and cures magnesium deficiency which causes yellow leaves and boosts the effectivness of your PK. Also regulates nutrient transport and strengthens cells and supports photosynthesis and enzyme processes.  As well as Calcium and Magnesium for healthy growth, Magne Cal+ also Includes a full complement of trace elements   Total Nitrogen (N) 8.0%Nitric Nitrogen 7.0%Ammoniacal Nitrogen 1.0%Water-soluble calcium oxide (CaO) 7.1%Water-soluble magnesium oxide (MgO) 3.5%Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA 0.04%Manganese (Mn) chelated by EDTA 0.01%Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA 0.006%   N    2.6% P    0.1% K    0.3%
Plant Magic DWC A&B Deep Water Culture System Nutrients Hydroponics
  Specially formulated for use in deep water culture systems. Highly concentrated to maximise value and will produce strong, healthy plants. Use throughout both grow and bloom stages and add a PK additive during the bloom stage.   Formulated for DWC systems pH stable regardless of bubbling intensity Highly concentrated for excellent value Use this one nutrient through grow and bloom
Plant Magic Hydro Grow Bloom Hard Water Soft Water Nutrients Hydroponics
Grow Specially developed to promote fast growing, high yielding, healthy fruit and flowering crops. Enhanced with secondary nutrients and a full compliment of trace elements is unique for plants growing in all types of hydroponic system or soil-less medium, stopping lock-out or deficiencies. Bloom For bigger and better tasting hydroponic crops. Prevents lock-out and deficiencies. This hydroponic nutrient is enrished with secondary nutrients along with a full compliment of trace elements and is unique for all types of hydroponic system or soil-less medium.
Plant Magic Root Stimulant (Root Stim) Nutrient Hydroponics
Increases biological activity in the root zone - for root explosive development. Root Stimulant contains high quality humate - for improved nutrient uptake and cycling - plus protein building amino acids and added seaweed for a boost of micro nutrients and natural plant hormones that leads to stronger, faster growth.
Plant Magic Evolution Foliar Spray Nutrients Hydroponics
Plant Magic Evolution significantly speeds up the vegetative stage, promoting overall growth and increasing the number of healthy new shoots produced; gearing the plant for bountiful fruits and flowers.A unique formula, Plant Magic Evolution provides an abundance of benefits:- Improved photosynthesis leading to rapid vertical growth- Healthier plants - More fruit sets (leading to bigger yields) - Improved root structureEvolution can be used in any method of growing.Use as a foliar spray once a week up until day 14 of the flowering cycle.Available in 4 sizes  - 125ml, 500ml, 1L & 5L
Plant Magic OldTimer Granules Soil Coco Nutrients Hydroponics
Granules potting-up mix increases root growth, improves stress tolerance and forms a barrier against root disease. Add a tablespoon of this to your pots at the start of your grow and see the benefits. It's made up of Mycorrhiza, bio-stimulants and over 20 strains of microorganisms, adding 20g (approximately a tablespoon) of this mix to 10 litres of soil creates a rich beneficial micro life within the soil to improve root growth, disease resistance and tolerance of stress, cold, heat and drought. The Mycorrhiza increase root mass which increases the...
Plant Magic Bugicide
Control of a wide range of pests and mildew safely and effectively. Pests don’t become resistant to Bugicide, meaning you can use it repeatedly to control Spider Mites, Aphids, Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Scale and Psylilids.   Benefits:           • Controls pests by a physical mode of action.   • Can be used right up to harvest.   • Does not harm birds and bees.   • Suitable for all flowers, fruits & vegetables.   • Safe for indoor and outdoor growing.  
Plant Magic 60/40 CoCo Coir Pebble Mix
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With 60% clay pebbles, Plant Magic 60/40 delivers exceptional drainage, making it great for use with flood & drain systems, and also drippers. The 40% coco content acts as a buffer, helping the medium to retain some additional moisture which allows you to feed less frequently while giving you extra time to react if a pump fails.Produced to the same high standards as the rest of the rangeProvides an oxygen-rich environment and sublime drainagePerfect for use with flood & drain systemsInoculated with mycorrhizal fungi, for even faster root growthEnriched with calcium nitrate to prevent deficienciesCan be used...
Plant Magic Plus Flush Nutrient Remover Finisher Improves Taste Hydroponics
 Effective finisher to remove excess nutrients and salts that can cause a metallic taste.    The ingredients in Flush cling onto salts, residue and unused nutrient allowing you to get rid of them with just a change of water.    Flush also contains plant hormones which encourage plants to finish maturing so thay are ready for harvesting sooner and to produce sugar which improves the aroma and flavour.    Benefits include: Balanced and basic formulation to help remove excess nutrients Suitable for hydroponic growers    EC fertiliser: NPK fertiliser solution...
Plant Magic Pure Clean Drip Clean Salt Build Up Prevention Nutrients Hydroponics
Removes salt deposits to keeps pumps, parts and tanks in perfect working order and to improve plant health.   Keeps moving parts working Breaks down salts in the root zone Can be used as a pH Down alternative   Suitable for all hydroponic systems and all nutrient regimes
Plant Magic CoCo Grow Bloom Hard Water Soft Water Nutrient Hydroponics
This product has been specially developed to promote fast growing, healthy plants throughout the vegetative stage.The balanced ratio of secondary nutrients along with a full compliment of trace elements is unique for plants growing in a coco coir medium, stopping lock-out or deficiencies.  We use the highest caliber nutrients, including the best quality Humate in our Coco range to enhance nutrient uptake, microbial activity and to stimulate the root growth.
Plant Magic Plus Hydro Silicon Coco Hydro Nutrients Hydroponics
Hydro Silicon is the strongest silicon based product on the market to date!It is a re-formulation of the ever popular BioSilicon and designed with Coco and Hydro growers in mind. Hydro Silicon not only gives stronger, thicker stems but will also speed up photosynthesis and nutrient uptake.The key to Hydro Silicon’s amazing results is the extra ingredients in the form of premium Bio-Stimulants. These help to stimulate the Rhizosphere leading to better root development, nutrient uptake and speed of plant growth and flower development.
Plant Magic Plus Catalyst Growth Stimulant Nutrient Hydroponics
100% organic seaweed extract containing natural growth stimulants. Increases protein and carb production and stimulates root development and top end growth.Catalyst is created using a water extraction process, rather than chemical or high temperature extraction. The resulting product is purer and slightly acidic, vastly increasing the speed of uptake. Use during the vegetative stage.The manufacturing technique in how this has been extracted is very important. Unlike the conventional method such as Alkaline extraction that requires chemical inputs and higher temperatures Plant Magic Catalyst has been extracted using a water extraction...
Plant Magic Plus Essence
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*This is for the 25g tub only*    Essence is a highly concentrated bio-culture containing over 20 strains of micro organisms to re-establish balanced bio-activity.* We also highly recommend the use of GRANULES and VEG BOOST to ensure that your crop remains healthy and fungal free from the roots to the tips of the leaves.   Once activated Essence produces a powerful blend of beneficial organisms that will quickly colonize the surface of leaves and stems to:-   Form an effective barrier against airborne pathogenic fungi Combat existing fungal pathogens...
Plant Magic Plus Essence Starter Kit Soil Coco Nutrients Hydroponics
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A highly concentrated bio-culture containing over 20 strains of beneficial micro organisms. Once activated and applied as a foliar feed, Essence will quickly colonise the surface of leaves and stems forming an effective barrier against airborne pathogenic fungi; combating leaf fungal infections, mildew and botrytis. Unlike other products on the market to date. Essence can be used right up to full maturity of fruiting crops.   Contents - 25g Essence - Molasses - 125ml Plant Magic Catalyst
Plant Magic OldTimer Organic Magnesium 400g Nutrient Hydroponics
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Oldtimer Organic Magnesium prevents and rapidly cures Magnesium deficiencies When used as a preventative measure it also improves the effectiveness of your PK Booster by helping the plants to take up the potassium and phosphorous and aids the production of chlorophyll.
Plant Magic OldTimer Organic PK 4-8 Flowering Boost Nutrients Hydroponics
This all-natural organic PK boost increases fruiting and flowering.   Benefits include •    Increased yields •    Improved aroma •    Improved colour and increased BRIX level   Dose Use 1-2ml per litre
Plant Magic Platinum PK 9-18 Booster Root Grow Bloom Nutrient Hydroponics
Heavier yields, stronger aroma, enhanced aroma and better flower structure! Quite simply the best possible finish for a crop.   This unique flowering stage blend is enriched with bio-stimulants, sulphur and nitrogen.   Phosphorous and Potassium – increase flower productionSulphur – speeds up photosynthesisNitrogen – maintains plant healthBio-stimulants – feeds root-zone microbes and fungi, reduces nutrient loss to run-off, breaks nutrients down to improve uptake of all essential elementsThe result?   The BioStimulants in this PK Booster are by far the best we have ever come across. They feed the microbes and fungi...
Plant Magic Boosting Powder Sleeve 2 x 65g Sachet Flowering Nutrients Hydoponics
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Produces more flowering sites, ensures vigorous growth of a heavier yield and improves aroma.    Powder form PK Booster.   N             0.00% P             39.0% K             25.0%     Derived from Potassium Sulphate, Potassium Carbonate, Potassium Phosphate & Sodium SulphateSuitable for  coco, soil, 60/40 and hydroponic growers
Plant Magic Ignition Pre-Flowering Boost Bloom Flowering Nutrients Hydroponics
A Powerful flowering boost. When used in the first few weeks of bloom it signals the plant to produce flowering sites, and in the later stages alongside a PK such as Platinum PK 9/18 it continues to enhance yield. -    Powerful bio stimulants for flower development -    Increases flowering sites to increase yield -    Increases production of natural plant sugars and oils
Plant Magic Enzyme
Removes dead roots to prevent disease and breaks down organic matter into food for the plant.   Assists the prevention of root rot and other diseases, As Enzyme isn't bacteria based it can be used alongside disinfectant cleaners like Pyth Tabz and peroxide products.   Removes dead roots to prevent disease Breaks down dead matter into food Suitable for disinfected tanks Suitable for organic and hydroponic growers and any growing media