Swiftair Nutrients

Swiftair PK 18/20 Rage (PK Bulk) Bud Flower Booster

PK RAGE is a booster that will deliver large quantities of phosphorous and potassium to your plants. 

The reason it stands out from other PK boosters is its specially developed formula also provides a range of plant hormones that work alongside the Potassium and Phosphorous to encourage DENSER flowers while encouraging the swelling of fruits. 

Its concentrated formula means you only need to use a small amount and it can be used with any substrate. 

You will see an increase in flowering 

- Calcium - 0.5% -

- Magnesium - 0.3% - 

- Phosphorus (P202) - 22% - 

- Potassium (K20) - 17% -

Application Rates for all substrates

0.3ml per Litre / Week 4 - 5

0.5ml per Litre / Week 6 - 7

Flush Final week

First add PK RAGE into the tank, and then reach the required TDS with the basic flowering nutrients. 

Then adjust the pH between 5.8 and 6.2. You can use PK RAGE in either hard or soft water.