Swiftair Nutrients

A 3-in-1 concentrated formula Nutrition in flowering plants, maximises flower buds and enhances flowers. PK Rage is a biostimulant that enhances and extends the flowering period.  More concentrated than most competitor products yet still a true solution, with no suspended insolubles. A safe and natural product without PGR’s, it is uniquely concentrated in order to yield unstoppable results.   Benefits Triggers an increase in flowering sites. Causes fruits to swell-up in size. Increases the weight. Can be used with any base nutrient.   Direction of Use Week 4-5 - 0.3ml/L Week 6-7...
Swiftair Lightning Roots - Epic Root Growth
Supercharge your roots with Lightning Roots! Turbo-charged formula to speed-up root growth with increased water & nutrient uptake thanks to longer, heavier and more efficient roots. Lightning Roots uses entirely natural components to tilt hormone production in favour of root growth. Bigger roots take up nutrients more efficiently, absorb water more effectively and provide better anchorage for your plant. A safe, natural material that’s based on plant extracts – without artificial PGRs. Its oligosaccharides work in conjunction with other sugars and amino acids to stimulate your plant’s root zone. Benefits...
Swiftair T-Roks - Extreme Hardener Weight Gainer
Stimulate and enhance flowering and improve size and quality of yield.T-Roxs is an enhancer that can be used from week 2 of flowering for a maximum of 10 days.Designed to enhance flowering when used during this specific period. A safe, natural material that’s based on plant extracts – without artificial PGRs.T-Roks pushes flower bud formation to the limit at its vital early stage of growth, meaning early formed flowers end up bigger and heavier.BenefitsImprove size and quality of flower yield.Reduced growing periods.Natural extracts.Directions:Ensure all equipment is CLEAN and free of...
Swiftair CHAOS - 30% Yield Booster
Chaos from Swiftair is the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe. Fortunately, the only creation this booster will be part of is the battle to create excessive amounts of weight to your crop. Using Chaos can increase your yield by up to 30%. Mass builder Plant booster Increases yield up to 30% Speedy flowering phase Increased yield Bigger budding sites