Shogun Samurai Coco A&B Grow Bloom Root Nutrient Fertiliser Hydroponics
Shogun Samurai Coco is a 2 part formulation coco nutrient that is literally light years ahead of all others.With high Grade nutrient ingredients mixed perfectly to maximise coco performance, Shogun Samurai coco also includes the revolutionary SmartZen Yield Maximiser and Aquazen Slow Water ingredients -two developments that are simply without equal in all other coco nutrients.
Shogun PK Warrior
Shogun PK Warrior 9/18 uses its unique phosphorous and potassium ratio to outflank all other PK additives with a recipe that has been strategically designed to attack your plants with yield enhancing ingredients. Designed for maximum plant availability, Shogun PK warrior 9/18 provides a concentrated increase in flowering elements to any nutrient package, enhancing fruit and flower production for maximum yields.
Shogun Dragon Force Flowering Booster Nutrient Hydroponics
Dragon Force is a comprehensive plant nutrient used during the late flowering stage.It is specifically designed to speed up and enhance the maturation process, while increasing the content in secondary metabolites. It has been shown to re-mobilise certain nutrients to the fruit and flowers, stimulating plant defence systems and improving the final quality of your produce.
Shogun Calmag Plant Vegetative Flowering Booster Nutrient Hydroponics
Shogun Calmag is an often overlooked addition to any feeding regime that can create huge improvements.Improving Nutrient uptake and translocation of nutrients around the plant, CalMag massively enhances your plant's ability to move and use other essential nutrient elements around as well as helping to facilitate many plant essential functions.
Shogun Start Nutrient
SHOGUN START is a delicate nutrient formulated to maximise plant establishment and root development. Containing balanced micro and macro nutrients alongside the SmartZen maximiser ingredient. SHOGUN START gives your young plants full strength trace elements whilst still maintaining a low overall strength.       SHOGUN START encourages auxins to move from the leaf tissue to the stem for rapid rooting and fast establishment of all of the structures that the plant needs later on for maximized yields and performance       KEY FEATURES   Encourages the movement of...
Shogun Sumo Boost Bio-Stimulant Bloom Flower Enhancer Nutrient Hydroponics
Shogun Sumo Boost is a heavyweight bio-stimulant without equal. Standing Proud as the champion of all yield Boosters it triggers rapid gains in yield and quality by initiating a powerful and targeted flowering response. Plant efficiency is maximised to devastating effect, whilst quality, aroma and taste are improved via enhanced essential oil production.
Shogun Zenzym
Zenzym is a Multi-enzyme product that immediately reinvigorates worn-out media with swift breakdown of dead root matter and other untoward residue left from previous grows. This media recycling powerhouse consists of a mixture of cellulase, xylanase, pectinase and glucanase for the breakdown of dead root material and releases nutrients for the plant while promoting root growth.   When your media is used for the full length of the growing cycle, it will undoubtedly be left with debris and old plant matter shed by that harvest. A major goal for most of...
Shogun Hydro CoCo Soil Grow Bloom Complete Nutrient Kit
 What you will receive   1 litre - Base nutrients  Hydro,CoCo or Soil (Please select above) 250ml Katana Roots 250ml Silicon 250ml Calmag 250ml Sumo Boost or 250ml Sumo Boost Active (Please select above) 250ml PK Warrior 9/18 250ml Dragon Force 750ml Geisha Foliar   When it comes to feeding your plants and getting maximum performance and yield, we don’t like to cut any corners.  SHOGUN Fertlisers was born out of a desire to create something special, something new for the hydroponics market.  Not just another basic set of feeds, but something truly exceptional borne...
Shogun Geisha Foliar Grow Bloom Additive Nutrient Hydroponics
Geisha Foliar is a combination of unique foliar additives designed to enhance and initiate flowering receptors as well as increase crop yields and weight. its advanced ingredients work in two stages. when used during the vegetative stage, more flowering sites are initiated, plant metabolism is increased and water uptake is enhanced. When used during the flowering period, fruit and flower growth are increased and a messenger contained with geisha stimulates a cascade of metabolic pathways within your plants for a range of yield and quality enhancements.
Shogun Silicon Vegetative Flowering Booster Nutrient Hydroponics
Like the protective armour of a samurai warrior, Shogun Silicon protects and fortifies your plants against attach from both disease and pests whilst also strengthening the very structure of the plant. Extremely concentrated and designed for maximum plant uptake, Shogun silicon creates significantly enhanced cell wall strength that provides the basis for strong healthy development and maximum environmental resistance.
Shogun Sumo Active Booster Bloom Flowering Nutrient Hydroponics
    SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost is a heavyweight bio-stimulant designed specifically for use in active hydroponics systems.  Standing proud as the champion of all yield boosters it triggers rapid gains in yield and quality by initiating a powerful and targeted flowering response. Plant efficiency is maximised to devastating effect, whilst quality, aroma and taste are improved via enhanced essential oil production.  It contains all of the same active ingredients as normal Sumo Boost but has been formulated to stay stable and not ferment in tanks for up to 14...
Shogun Samurai Hydro Grow Bloom A&B Hard Water Soft Water Nutrient Hydroponics
Shogun HydrogrowShogun Hydrogrow is a complete 2 part hydroponic grow nutrient to rival all others.Contains refined, precision formulated ingredients to produce amazing vegetative plant development.Shogun Samurai Hydrogrow also contains the revolutionary SmartZen Ingredient, a unique collection of compounds that increases the distribution and assimilation of nutrients within your plants vascular system.This cutting edge technology further imposes the superiority of samurai over all other currently available nutrients.  Shogun HydrobloomShogun Hydrobloom is a complete 2 part hydroponic bloom nutrient to rival all others.Contains refined, precision formulated ingredients to produce high yields during the...
Shogun Samurai Terra Grow Bloom
Shogun Samurai Terra Grow is a highly refined mineral feed for soil grown plants. Combining perfect nutrient balance with an advanced understanding of the complex biochemistry involved in soil nutrient availability, Samurai Terra Grow and Bloom also include the revolutionary SmartZen Ingredient - bringing the latest in cutting edge plant technology to further impose the superiority of samurai over all other currently available fertilisers 
Shogun Katana Roots
Giving your roots the cutting edge required for explosive growth, Shogun Katana Roots stimulates massive root growth and a strong healthy root zone. All great plants need a strong foundation and the expertly formulated combination of ingredients  in katana roots help to create the most efficient uptake mechanism your plants could ever wish for resulting massively increased performance and ultimately better yields.