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CANNABOOST Accelerator boosts the metabolism of your plants. This is important, because the uptake of nutrients depends greatly on the plant's health and metabolism rate. CANNABOOST is specially developed for short cycle plant varieties.

The advantages of growing with CANNABOOST Accelerator include:

Better Yield

CANNABOOST stimulates the development of new flowers. Because of this the fruits can become heavier than normal. Since the ripening of the fruits also proceeds more gradually, it results in a more uniform harvest. Something very special about CANNABOOST is that it’s not just a guarantee for higher yields but the taste is also guaranteed to be better. Something extra for the CANNA grower!

Suitable for use with all growing mediums and substrates

CANNABOOST is a universal flowering stimulator, which is to say that it can be used with any growing system and in combination with any feeding with no exceptions. As well as adding CANNABOOST to the substrate it can also be used as a leaf spray (foliar feeding). The advantage of this is that the plant can absorb the flowering stimulator directly through its leaves.

CANNABOOST isn’t a nutrient, but an additive that increases the plant’s photosynthesis (one of the reactions that make up a plant's metabolism). This increase ensures that the fruits are formed faster.

Better ripening and strengthened immune system

CANNABOOST contains flowering stimulators that ensure powerful ripening. It also contains natural flowering regulators that help develop fruit more uniformly and finish flowering more strongly. Thanks to the improved energy regulation the plant also has sufficient energy to resist diseases. If there is no energy at the correct place diseases will often strike, just at the moment when it is disastrous for the harvest.

Fuller, more powerful taste

With CANNABOOST you are guaranteed both a higher yield and an exceptional taste. A good harvest isn’t just expressed in terms of weight these days. Quality is starting to play a more important role and this also means taste is becoming more important. Increasing the speed of photosynthesis greatly increases the sugar production in the fruits. This makes the taste sweeter and the natural flavours in the fruits will be produced in higher concentrations. The stronger smell of the essential oils in the fruits speaks volumes.

Most boosters are just additional nutrients. True boosters like CANNABOOST however really boost the metabolism of a plant and makes it healthier. CANNABOOST is 'the new boost generation'.

With this product we have again proved that Quality proves itself!

User Instructions

Shake bottle well before use


Dosage: Administer CANNABOOST using a dilution of 1:500 (20 ml per 10 litre of water) from the moment that flowers start to form. For extra flowering strength, dilute 1:250 (40 ml per 10 litre of water)


Do not use in combination with products containing hydrogen peroxide (H202)


Use diluted solution within 4 days


CANNABOOST can be given manually, through drip irrigation or by foliar feeding


Storage, health & safety and other directions

Use CANNABOOST in combination with your regular feed


Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place


Keep out of reach of children


Warranty / Guarantee

The bottle is made of polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), a recyclable plastic.


Plant!t Perlite Grade Hydroponics Grow Medium Pot Soil

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Please note 5, 10, 25 & 50 Litre will come in a black or Grey Bag

Perlite has been used by gardeners the world over for many years and when you want to improve drainage of your chosen media then use perlite! 

PLANT!T Perlite is a natural pH neutral sterile growing medium derived from volcanic rock.

When using PLANT!T Perlite you can achieve faster germination and striking of cuttings due to superior air to water ratio. 

You can use PLANT!T Perlite to aid in the breaking up of heavy soils. 

Simply mix with potting soil and it will keep the soil loose and light. 

This allows air and water to reach roots aiding nutrient uptake and improving plant health and growth. PLANT!T Perlite is easy and safe to handle and odourless whilst also being lightweight and simple to use. 


PLANT!T Perlite can be used for soil conditioning - increasing aeration and drainage in heavy hard to manage soils; repairing/laying down lawns - giving additional aeration and drainage when raked into spiked holes; and planting trees and shrubs - loosening and aerating soil to encourage root development.

Canna CoCo Nutrients



CANNA Coco A & B is a complete professional nutrient for growing plants in coco.


It contains all the essential elements for optimal growing and flowering.




Thanks to the special characteristics of coco substrate CANNA COCO doesn’t have a Vega and Flores variant, but there is one unique formulation for both the growth and blooming phase. We can’t make things easier! CANNA COCO is easy to use, dissolves directly and is extremely suitable for growing in all watering systems, like for example 'run-to-waste' systems, flood systems and ebb and flow systems.


Rich in high-value elements




After years of research into potting mixes, drainage and leaf analysis, CANNA has succeeded in being the first to develop a fertiliser that is specifically tailored to the characteristics of cocos substrates. CANNA COCO is composed of high value minerals. CANNA COCO contains natural chelates, humic and fulvic acids which give the plant optimum nutrient absorption. Growers throughout the world have been enthusiastic for years about the explosive growth and profuse flowering with CANNA COCO.


Why A&B nutrients?






CANNA COCO nutrients consist of two parts, an A part and a B part. We separate these parts for a reason. As it happens, if some of the elements in part A and B are thrown together at the same time, they clog together. The plant cannot absorb this. That's why you should first add the A component and then the B component!




User Instructions


Shake bottle well before use


Fill nutrient reservoir with water


Add CANNA COCO A & B to the nutrient reservoir with the dilution ratio 1:250 (40 ml A and 40 ml B per 10 litre of water). 

Add CANNA COCO A to the nutrient reservoir Stir well, then add CANNA Coco B Again, stir well and let mixture stand for some hours


The EC of Coco dissolved in (tap) water varies between 1.2 - 2.3 mS/cm2 (= the solution EC + the water EC)


Recommended pH: 5.5 - 6.2


Storage, health & safety and other directions


CANNA COCO nutrients can be used for the vegetative and generative phase contrary to other (CANNA) nutrients


Do not mix A & B concentrate directly; Insoluble combinations will occur which the plant cannot absorb


Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place (UV light breaks down iron chelates in the nutrient)


Keep out of reach of children


Warranty / Guarantee


CANNA only works with high-graded nutrients and chelates, which are immediately and completely available for the plant. The bottle is made of polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), an easily biodegradable and recyclable plastic.


Secret Jardin Webit Plant Support Scrog Net Grow Tent 60 90 120 150 240 300


Secret Jardin offers a complete range of web support to hold your plant : the WEBIT.




Made of solid elastic fibre of 3mm of diameter, the Secret jardin WEBIT can be fixed on all tents, with the vertical tubes and allowing your plant to stay up.




If your tent has a space booster – 4 horizontal bars – see section – you will be able to attach your WEBIT with the spacce booster using the CableIT provided, this will stretched them further.



Elastic Web Plant Support 60x60 cm

Elastic Web Plant Support 90x90 cm

Elastic Web Plant Support 120x120 cm

Elastic Web Plant Support 150x150 cm

Elastic Web Plant Support 120x60 cm

Elastic Web Plant Support 240x120 cm

Elastic Web Plant Support 300x150 cm




Canna Rhizotonic Plants Nutrients
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CANNA RHIZOTONIC is a powerful, algae based, vegetative stimulator for plant roots. It contains multiple vitamins and is 100% natural. RHIZOTONIC adds more than 60 microbiological substances that considerably speed up the growth of a balanced root environment.


Stimulates new root growth on cuttings and transplants.

Besides stimulating root growth on plants that are already rooted, RHIZOTONIC also stimulates new root growth on cuttings and transplants. The various trace elements and vitamins such as B1&B2 stimulate the production of hormones and root growth, thus providing beautiful, strong white roots.

Speeds up the germination process when used to soak seeds prior to planting.

If you dilute RHIZOTONIC (40ml/10 litre), you can use it to soak seeds. RHIZOTONIC softens up the seed skin, making it easier for the seed to burst and germinate. 

Enhances overall plant growth and chemical reactions in the plant to ensure a healthier, powerful and stronger plant. 

Good results start with a healthy plant. Because RHIZOTONIC stimulates root growth, it improves the strength of a plant. This is especially important during the first weeks of a plant's life, since young plants are the most vulnerable. RHIZOTONIC stimulates further root development, increases the plant’s resistance to diseases and promotes its inner and outer strength. 

Aids in the recovery process of any plant or cutting that has been subjected to stress in any way whatsoever. 

Many growers agree that plants recover much quicker from stress situations if the leaves have been sprayed with RHIZOTONIC. Such stress situations could for example occur during transport and re-potting plants. RHIZOTONIC will also improve plants that are unhealthy or poorly developed. 

Furthermore, RHIZOTONIC is often sprayed on leaves and can be used as a simple means for raising the pH level in fertiliser tanks. 

RHIZOTONIC can be used regardless of the type of medium. It is suitable for cultivation in potting mix and hydro culture. You can use it during the whole growth cycle. From seed to harvest! 

User Instructions 

Shake bottle well before use 

Dissolve 40 ml concentrate per 10 litre of water (1:250) 

Spray the cultivation medium 1-6 times daily. Spray directly on the leaves until a strong root system has developed 

When re-potting, one should pre-treat the growing medium with this solution 

Set the pH of the nutrient reservoir after adding RHIZOTONIC as it will slightly increase the pH 

Storage, health & safety and other directions 

Over-fertilisation has a negative effect on the substrate and the plant 

RHIZOTONIC is 100% vegetable-based and suitable for all growing media like potting mix, coco and hydroponics 

Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place 

Keep out of reach of children



CANNA COCO Professional Plus +


Please note 10 Litre and 25 Litre will come in a black or Grey Bag

CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a coco-based growing medium that offers the gardener and his plants many advantages in comparison with other substrates:

CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a pure, organic product with a homogeneous structure and has had a full buffering, eliminating the side effects of growing on coir, as coir could consume some of the nutrients.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus is free of harmful viruses and soil diseases, thanks to CANNA’s unique production process.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus has a complex water/air system that provides the ideal conditions for growing plants.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus contains a special mould (Trichoderma) that protects the plants against soil diseases.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus can be used a number of times and makes an excellent potting mix improver after use.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus = R.H.P. quality

CANNA Coco Professional Plus consists of 100% coco flakes. Specially selected prime Indian coconuts form the base for CANNA Coco Professional Plus. Not touching the outdoor ground in the complete production process ensures the end product is free of weeds or soil diseases. Washed in fresh water means no salts are present. This makes it the best growing medium of the future.

The production process is subject to strict quality controls so we can vouch for this product’s quality.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus carries the strictest R.H.P. quality mark. Actually, the quality of this product goes well beyond the R.H.P. standard. In short, the R.H.P. quality mark means that the product is free of weeds. The R.H.P. inspection is not limited to the finished product but covers the sourcing and processing of raw materials all the way to the bag.

CANNA’s buffering process allows us to ‘pre-program’ the medium to a certain age. This ensures you get the same consistent, high quality material time after time.


Growth Technology pH Buffer 4 & 7 Calibration Fluid Meter Solution Hydroponics

Please select above which products you require 

Solutions of a known and fixed pH. These are used to calibrate pH meters. This should be done on a regular basis to ensure ongoing accuracy from the meter.


Available buffer solutions: pH 4 and pH 7

CANNA Cannazym

CANNAZYM - 250ml, 1 or 5 Litre


CANNAZYM is a high-quality enzyme product that speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and activates beneficial micro-organisms. CANNAZYM also helps plants take up nutrients and increases the resistance against diseases. Enzymes are substances that speed up the reactions in living organisms. For example, enzymes play a vital role in our digestion.

Canna CoCo Natural Coir

Please note 10 Litre and 25 Litre will come in a black or Grey Bag

CANNA Coco Natural is a natural coco-based plant medium that offers the gardener and his plants advantages in comparison with other substrates:

CANNA Coco Natural is an organic product that is very lightly buffered and free of harmful viruses or soil diseases.

CANNA Coco Natural has an excellent water/air system, which provides the ideal circumstances for this cultivation method.

CANNA Coco Natural naturally contains a special mould (Trichoderma) that protects plants against soil diseases.
CANNA Coco Natural can be used a number of times.

CANNA Coco Natural = quality

CANNA Coco Natural is manufactured in the same way as CANNA Coco Professional Plus. CANNA Coco Natural consists of 100% coco flakes, produced in India while processing coconuts. The production process is subject to strict quality controls so we can vouch for this product’s quality.

Less buffering means more control!

The buffering of CANNA Coco Natural is not as heavy as CANNA Coco Professional Plus. Meaning that you have more control over the buffering process and have more influence on the growth and bloom of the plant. If you would like to pre-buffer this coco to the same level as its premium cousin, it is worthwhile to have a look at the CANNA COGr Buffer Agent

Thanks to the light buffering and also light pre-soaking this product is a lot lighter. This means there is less water in the bag. This product weighs 11-12 kilograms and is therefore easy to transport. You only have to let it soak in water a bit more in your grow room

All in all this is a very trustworthy product. Just not as easy to use as CANNA Coco Professional Plus. The choice is yours which of the two you prefer!


Root It Hydroponics Heat Mats & Thermostat Heated Propagation Heaters All Sizes


ROOT!T® Heat Mat - Get a jump start on plantings with the ROOT!T Heat Mat!

Adding uniform heat to your plants will speed up germination by days! ROOT!T Heat Mat offers more uniform heating than others on the market with its intricate pattern of fine wire throughout its waterproof, frayproof layers delivering the durability to withstand rugged greenhouse environments.

This mat warms the rooting area to the ideal temperature required for perfect propagation, whether seed-germination or rooting cuttings. A thermostat is also available for these heat mats offering complete temperature control.

Speeds up germination/striking of cuttings by several days
Warms root area 5.5-11˚C over ambient temperature
Fully waterproof, fray proof and durable

Sizes available:
Small - 25cm x 35cm
Medium - 40cm x 60cm
Large - 40cm x 120cm

Swiftair Digital Heat Mat Thermostat


Electronic temperature controller is compatible with all heat mats and is an optional accessory for the Heat Mats.

The thermostat controls the temperature of heat mats evenly in colder or warmer than normal environments. It provides constant optimum temperatures for specific plants. It has an easy plug-in operation with an illuminated indicator.


Easy to use and control
Temperature control
range 20ºC to 42ºC
Controls temperature of heat mats evenly in colder/warmer than normal environments
Provides constant optimum temp for specific plants.
Easy plug-in operation
Indicator light
Simple to use


Growth Technology pH Up And Down Solution Aquarium Hydroponics 250ml 1, 5 Litre

pH control is essential in a hydroponic system

Plants in hydroponic systems function best with a nutrient solution pH of between 5.8 up to 6.2. Growth Technology has a full range of control solutions, essential for the proper management of nutrients in hydroponic systems. These products are manufactured using the purest and most concentrated sources available.
Bottled in black and red – the internationally accepted packaging colours for aggressive liquids. Full compliance with all health and safety regulations.

pH UP contains potassium hydroxide (KOH). This product, at 25%, is stronger than some competing products.

Some other products on the market are considerably weaker, so check the concentration before buying. This is a very dense liquid and should feel much heavier than water.


pH control is essential in ahydroponic system
Plants in hydroponic systems function best with a nutrient solution pH of between 5.8 up to 6.2.
Growth Technology has a full range of control solutions, essential for the proper management of nutrients inhydroponic systems. These products are manufactured using the purest and most concentrated sources available.
Bottled in black and red – the internationally accepted packaging colours for aggressive liquids.
Full compliance with all health and safety regulations.


Ducting Hydroponic Fan Carbon Filter Padded Fast Clamp 4 5 6 8 10 & 12 Inch

Sizes Available:

4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"

High Quality Hydroponics & Ventilation Padded Clamps (Collars)

Fast Clamps are perfect for connecting fans, carbon filters, silencer and rigid ducting.

The metal band has a foam lining so reduces fan vibration!

If you need to connect your fan directly to filter for example it's much better to use a padded fast clamp than an connection method such as duct tape.

Heat and humidity in your grow area can often cause duct tape to peel meaning it must be replaced.

Available in all ducting sizes from 100mm 4" to 315mm 12" dia – PLEASE SELECT ABOVE

Reduces fan vibration.

Pull out eyelets for easy hanging.

The best choice for connecting fans to carbon filters, silencers or rigid ducting.

Please see our shop for more products!


Please note 10 Litre and 25 Litre will come in a black or Grey Bag

Experience the exotic CANNA Terra Professional Plus. This special formula comes from the desire to create the purest possible soil mix on earth. The formulation is specifically for indoor, grow room situations.

Exclusive, high value organic ingredients such as airy peat moss and types of tree bark that have an antiseptic action are components of Terra Professional and Terra Professional Plus.

These have the direct result of promoting exceptional root development and the formation of thicker stems, while faster metabolism combined with low sickness rates ensure an increased production.

Among other things, these characteristics make CANNA Terra highly suitable for fast growing plants.







6" Clip fan or 8" Clip Fan


Quality 2 speed fan, and Off

Lower noise design,

Up/down tilt and rotate,


8" can be wall mounted if needed 

12 months Warranty,

Comes with UK Plug already wired 

CE Approved

6" 150mm doe not oscillate on its own you can turn them by hand to change the direction

Swiftair Temperature Hydroponics Fan Speed Controllers Silent Climate up to 950w

300w Swiftair Temperature Controller

The SW-TEMPSP-CON controller is equipped with an electronic temperature and speed control unit and automatically changes the speed (airflow rate) with respect to the temperature in the ventilation duct or in the premises.



The front panel of the controller has the following controls and indicators:


Speed control knob for low speed setting, Temperature control knob for temperature setting



Thermostat operating indicator (LED light)


3m long probe attached

If the air temperature increases above the thermostat set point the fan switches to the high speed (maximum airflow rate). If the temperature decreases below the thermostat set point  the fan switches to the pre-set lower speed.


The motor switches to high speed as the air temperature exceeds 2 ° C above the set thermostat set point.





900w Swiftair Temperature Controller


The SW-TEMPR-4AMP is an electronic temperature controller that automatically and continuously adjusts the speed of the fan in relation to the difference between the temperature set-point and the actual temperature.


 The further from the set point the faster the fan goes.


Includes remote temperature sensor.


4 Amps (900w) so this unit can operate 2 fans


Fan will boost if temperature is hotter than the set temperature



If the temperature is colder the fan will stay at trickle







Sunblaster T5 Nano Propagation Grow Light for Cuttings Clones Seeds All Sizes

Sunblaster T5 lamps - Bright, cool & super-efficient

Available in 5 sizes:

11w - 30cm

17w - 45cm

24w - 60cm

39w - 90cm

54w - 120cm

These lamps typically last for 10,000 hours

The future’s bright and cool thanks to Sunblaster NanoTechnology

The SunBlaster T5 produces more light, with less energy input, and less heat output than other lamps thanks to its NanoTech-enhanced reflector.

The Sunblaster's reflector captures and reflects 99.9% of previouly lost light and increases lumen availability by 300%. It also diffuses light deeper into the plant foliage and uses 50% less energy than standard fluorescent lamps.

The Sunblaster T5 produces so little heat that it can be placed 1" to 2" above the plant canopy which maximises photosynthetic response.

The SunBlaster T5, with its NanoTech reflector diffuses light deeper into the plant foliage and uses 50% less energy than standard fluorescent lamps.

So little heat is produced that the lights can be placed 1" to 2" above the plant canopy which maximizes photosynthetic response.

What is NanoTechnology?

NanoTechnology is a manufacturing process of extreme precision measured on the nanoscale.

The SunBlaster reflector was made by working within tolerances of between one and 100 nanometers. A single sheet of paper is 100,000 nanometers thick!

NanoTech reflector explained

The NanoTech metallic crystal in the reflector absorbs, reflects, corrects and shatters the light which then exits the reflector as diffused light.

This diffused light has a wider spread and penetrates deeper into the plant foliage.

The NanoTech crystal layer is enhanced with 2 layers of optical grade reflective film and a protective external layer.

Sunblaster T5 lamps recreate the natural light spectrum your plants need, allowing them to grow bigger, healthier and faster. 

Integrated Reflector

SunBlaster is the only T5 with a patented NanoTech-enhanced reflector, exclusively from NutricultureDGS.

These T5HO lamps come complete with a revolutionary nanotech T5 reflector, which increases the spread of light considerably. 

Full spectrum output

With a Kelvin rating of 6400K, Sunblaster T5HO lamps are the ideal light for the propagation and grow stage of the plants life.

Great Value

Average lamp life of 10,000 hours. That represents a lot of crop cycles.

They also come complete with power cable   

Low temperature operation

These lamps operate at low temperature, so you don’t need to worry about them increasing the heat level in your grow room.

Integrated Reflector

These T5HO lamps come complete with a revolutionary nanotech T5 reflector, which increases the spread of light considerably.


Connect up to 8 lights quickly and easily


Each Sunblaster T5 lamp weighs just 100g making them ideal for tents

For more information see: https://www.sunblasterlighting.com/grow-lighting/t5ho-with-reflector/


Please note: that the 10 or 25 litre we put into a bag this is not branded




Plagron Lightmix is composed of the finest, carefully selected types of peat .


By adding various types of fiber and perlite reaches a lightness and oxygen level you have come to expect only of Plagron quality potting soil.


On Lightmix only added a minimal amount of power.


This makes Lightmix eminently the most appropriate ground to fertilize its sole discretion and choice.




Lightmix delivers the highest yields in combination with Plagron Terra Grow and Terra Bloom of Plagron additives.




Application: Economical grow and fertilize at their discretion.








One week before fertilized for a quick start.


Fully fertilize at their discretion.


Rapid rooting by low EC value .




composition white peat, black peat, fibrous peat, perlite.

Canna Pk 13/14 Bloom Flower Weight Gainer Bud Booster 250ml 1L 5L


If you want the biggest fruits and flowers, CANNA PK 13/14 is the right product for you. CANNA PK 13/14 is a mixture of top quality nutritional minerals that stimulate flowering. It's easy to use and makes for high yields. PK 13/14 is suitable for any growing medium. Furthermore, it only needs to be applied once to the nutrient reservoir. If you do this at the right moment, you will get astonishing results!

Pure elements to stimulate flowering

CANNA PK 13/14 is a high grade mixture of phosphorus and potassium that is added during the flowering phase. Both elements play a big role during the generative phase of plants. Thanks to a special production process CANNA has succeeded in combining pure phosphorous and potassium in very high concentrations. This makes PK 13/14 available to the plant quickly and directly.

Phosphorous (P) is a macro nutritional element for every plant. It plays a key role in metabolism and energy transfer. In the flowering phase, extra phosphorous is needed. Phosphorous strengthens cell formation in flowers, among other things.

Potassium (K) is also a macro nutritional element. It is found throughout the plant and is necessary for a lot of its activities. It is essential for transporting water and nutrition (sieve vessels) and it is responsible for the plant’s quality and rigidity. In addition to this, it controls countless other processes such as sugar production. Potassium ensures that the plant can produce enough sugars during flowering, which are essential for the development of the flowers.

Perfect combination with CANNABOOST

There comes a moment during the plant’s development when the need for phosphorous and potassium increases greatly. If CANNA PK 13/14 is given at this moment you will satisfy the flowering plant’s increased needs and the fruits will achieve maximum development. CANNABOOST enhances the metabolism and has a strengthening effect on PK 13/14. This perfect combination will cause the plant to flower more lavishly.

Suitable for every medium

PK 13/14 is used with every medium and consequently it is used for cultivation on soil, in recirculating systems, when cultivating on coco and in run-to-waste systems. PK 13/14 is suitable for use when cultivating both indoors and outdoors.

All Orders Are Sent In Plain Boxes or Bags

CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles

Please Note: we put the 10L/25L in a black/GREY bag

CANNA Clay Pebbles are baked clay pellets that form an ideal substrate for use by experienced growers. 

Thanks to their unique structure, CANNA Clay Pebbles offer the ideal basis for growers who want to control the application of nutrients and the humidity level of their plants throughout the entire process of cultivation in a simple way. 

CANNA Clay Pebbles are manufactured from special types of clay that have a low soluble salt content. 

Because of this, they are particularly suited for use in hydroponic cultivation systems.

We recommend using CANNA Aqua or VitaLink Max or VitaLink easy with this product.

Silver DIAMOND Mylar reflective sheeting film roll hydroponics grow 2 to 100m

Silver Diamond White (110 µm) – 1.2m x (Please Select) Roll

Reflect light for maximum growth

High quality British Made Reflective sheeting which will maximise the use of light in your growroom.

Also used to cover floors, walls and ceilings! Silver Diamond White is a silver light proof diffusion foil, white and silver poly that works in a similar way to a horticultural lighting reflector, spreading light more evenly and eliminating hot spots.

This sheet has smaller diamonds than a lot of the competition to give greater light diffusion. PET coated to protect against corrosion and wear.

The Diamond is available in from 2m to 100m please see shop.

Hydroponics Grow Room Flexible aluminium Ducting 4

An extremely flexible reinforced aluminium foil flexible supply or extract ventilation ducting.

Multi-ply aluminium and polyester laminate construction supported by a high tensile steel wire helix. Fire resistant. Available in 5 or 10 metre lengths.

See drop-down menu for all sizes and corresponding prices.

250w 400w 600w HPS MH Dual Spectrum Light Bulb Hydroponic Grow Tent OMEGA


Please choose the wattage you require above

Omega Lighting's advanced lamp technology features two ceramic tubes which are designed specifically to optimise light output, achieving more usable light energy, providing longer lasting performance, with consistent lumen output. Additionally the dynamics of the tube allows for the reduction of the heat a lamp produces without impacting on the lifetime of the lamp. This all results in a lower grow temperature which helps increase plant yield.

Quality grow bulbs are essential in providing plants with the correct spectrum of light to maximise yield. Omega lighting is proven to outshine competitors and provide rigorous growth and unrivalled yields.


Dense red spectrum promoting unrivalled yields and rapid growth, ideal for flowers. Viscous Lumen output and consistency. All Omega lighting bulbs carry CE mark and a minimum of one year's guarantee.


Broader hitting spectrums are achieved by tweaking the PAR range suitable for plants from start to finish. Ideal for both flowers and vegetables. 

Added UV for ripening and hardening. All Omega lighting bulbs carry CE Mark and a minimum of one year's guarantee.


Our metal halide grow bulbs use a blue spectrum which plants need when in a vegetable stage. This prevents plants stretching and instead gives a short dense plant ready for flowering. 

All Omega lighting bulbs carry CE mark and a minimum of one year's guarantee.

Hydroponics Grow Room Flexible Acoustic Insulated Ducting 4

Laminated Aluminium Silver 5m or 10m LONG Ducting

Insulated ducting is very good and reducing noise level and also keeps condensation down

Insulated ducting will keep the heat in the duct without it all escaping into the loft etc 

1st Layer - Alu Ducting

2nd Layer - Insulation

3rd Layer - Alu Coat

Please select size and length needed above


Grow Room Canna Fan Filter Light Kit 600W 120x120x200




In this kit you will get the following item:



Ballast 600w ---- 600w Bulb Dual Spectrum ---- Reflector


Tent - 1.2m2


Swiftair Inline fan kit - Centrifugal fan, Carbon Filter, Alu Ducting, Clamps


Yo Yo Hanger (Pair)


1 x Coco CANNA Natural 50 Ltr


1 x CANNA Coco A+B



Please see below for description on products:



The 600w Ballast, has been designed for improved quality and high output,


Metal Case


Fitted with IEC connector cord and UK mains lead


This produces the full light spectrum with added blue for the propagation and vegging stages. We recommend you replace lamps every 3-6 months to avoid diminishing harvests.


Lamp size and output


600 watt - 90,000 Lumens


Please keep the retail packaging in case you need to return it to us. Bulbs sent without the original packaging are not covered by warrant







Quality Hydroponic Grow Room Tents

95 % reflective hammered silver lining


Heavy duty zips


Metal poles (please make sure these a pushed all the way in on the side clip provided)


4 x Air holes (1 Left, 1 Right, 1 on Top & 1 Bottom)


Passive ventilation windows: 3




(we found the easiest way to put up is fix bottom half first then top part and start from the back)



PowerPlant Heavy Duty Timer - Please select if needed




Normal household timers are not built to take the high inductive loads produced by HID ballasts. If used with an HID ballast - the contacts inside the timer that open and close the timed circuit will overheat and weld together - breaking the timer and leaving your grow lights permanently on.


The PowerPlant Heavy Duty Timer is different. It is designed to take high loads and has no problem dealing with the inductive loads produced by a 600w ballast.


This means no separate contactor is required and saves you money. It has a 96 switching operations within a 24 hour period (every 15 minues).


This timer is suitable for timing one 600w HID ballast. It has a robust case design with socket and timer dust/moisture covers. This unit is ideal for timing 400w and 600w ballasts. Do not use more than one 600w ballast per timer.


2kw or 3kw green house garden hydroponics heater
2kw heater
Keep the Greenhouse temperatures under control with the 2kw Greenhouse Heater. 
Robust, reliable and easy to use these heaters are thermostatically controlled.
The inbuilt fan has 3 different settings. 
Fan Only
1kw with fan 
2kw with fan 
Please note fan runs 24/7 and heater will turn on and off when temperture drops below the temperture set. The fan runs at a low wattage and keeps the air moving giving a good heat thoughout the greenhouse/tent
Dimensions: 230 x 198 x 320mm (l x w x h) 
Heating Area: 20m² 
Air Output: 186 m³/hr
3kw Heater
The LightHouse 3kW Greenhouse Heater is a great tool to use when trying to maintain temperatures during the cooler months. The 3kW powerful output means it can quickly and effectively heat up large spaces. It also allows growers to reach and preserve the desired temperature allowing their plants to thrive. The simple but robust design allows growers to easily use and place in a busy grow room environment. Also, the added feature of 3 power control of different heat settings means the heater is multipurpose, being able to be used both as a heater and a fan.
Key USPs:
Easy to use, simplistic and robust design
Quiet Running
3 Power Control Settings
Dual use – can be used as both a heater and a fan
High performing and powerful heater at 3 kW
Overheating safety protection
Precise temperature control with the sensitive thermostat
Technical specifications:
Settings Fan only; 1500 W; 3000 W
Mains input        AC 220 – 240 V | 50 Hz
Net Weight         3.6 KG
Power   3050 W
Dimensions        245 x 240 x 310
Plug Fuse             13 A
Thermal Protection (internal)     55 °C
Rating   IP24 
Science Behind the Product
This is a fan heater that works by pushing hot air out via an element and fan, being 3 kw, it is more powerful than the majority of hobbyist heaters in the market and enter the ‘professional’ arena of shop space heaters
A function without heater setting means the product can also be used as a simple fan to provide cool and circulating air.
The tubular design is considered ‘professional’ as it emulates gas heaters and is considered more efficient in both its output and the space that it inhabits.
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